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Event Details


September 28, 2018


9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


Wyoming County AG & Business Center, Learning Center Room #1
36 Center Street, Suite B
Warsaw, NY 14569


This event is free.


Mortality Disposal: Looking for Solutions Roundtable Event

September 28, 2018

Many of you are aware that some rendering companies that have been picking up dead stock from farms have halted pick‐ups. The NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets (NYSDAM) is discussing the situation with the companies to determine a course of action regarding the disposal of downed and dead animals.
Managing animal tissue is a significant challenge and responsibility in livestock production. Routine and emergency losses of livestock are significant environmental, bio-security, and waste management concerns. Livestock mortality due to barn fires, roof collapses, excess heat/drought, ventilation system failures, and floods impacts many livestock operations. Many animals also need to be chemically euthanized due to illness and injury and to avoid suffering. Rendering has been an option for much of this mortality. Due to recent changes, chemically euthanized animals will no longer be accepted in rendering and there are limited alternatives for dead-stock in general. NYS landfills reluctantly accept dead-stock even in emergencies. Dragging animals out back is not legal and poses a great threat to avian and terrestrial wildlife and pets that might consume the meat. This leaves few disposal options for horse owners, dairies and other livestock operations.

Round-table Invitation (PDF; 185KB)

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